How to Fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic not Working in Windows

I have been using gaming headsets for a very long time, and I can firmly say that HyperX is the best company to produce quality headsets for gamers. This company is leading the headset market from last 30+ years, and it will be if they continue to provide the same quality products but sometimes even the best quality products give you some issues and if you’re having trouble with HyperX headsets like HyperX cloud 2 mic not working, HyperX cloud driver issues and whatnot.

Many time the technical problems which we face while using some tech gadget is not that much complicated, and it requires basic understanding of devices and if your cool newly purchased HyperX mic not working then it must be because of some technical problems about which you don’t have to worry because I’ve seen much time my HyperX cloud mic not working and it got fixed by changing some settings. So if your HyperX cloud 2 headphone and mic not working there here are some quick and short solutions for it.

How to Fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working issue

There are multiple methods to fix the HyperX cloud mic not working issue within minutes. Here are some of the best methods that’ll definitely fix the issue within minutes and you can start using the headset for talking with your friends while playing the online games.

Method 1: Change of Settings

If your HyperX cloud 2 mic not working then check whether it’s muted or not muted because many times people forget to unmuted their mic especially when they have bought it for the first time. So if you’re using USB switcher of your headset then before calling customer care for your problem make sure that you haven’t activated the mute button on it.

Even after doing this if your HyperX mic not working then you must check whether all of your connections are correct because sometimes the headset might be need to port in another USB port because of a shortage of sufficient power supply. So try plugging USB cable of your HyperX mic into more perfect and working USB port, and that should fix your problem of HyperX cloud mic not working.

Try to Check the Sound Settings of Headset

If your HyperX cloud mic not working then it might be because of the sound settings in your windows PC. One of the reasons for HyperX mic not working might be if your PC has disabled this your headset and if you want to enable it then follow these steps.

  1. Go to the control panel of your computer. You can do that while reading this article too just press Windows+R and search CONTROL in the search box which will take you to your cpanel.HyperX cloud 2 mic not working Control Panel
  2. In control panel click on sound and hardware then Select Sound and click on Recording button after that just right-click anywhere on the screen to see the disabled devices.Sound Settings for HyperX cloud mic not working
  3. Now do a right click on headset Microphone button and enable it for enjoying music.

microphone setting for HyperX mic not working

Enable microphone from sound settings

So make sure that you enable your headset before looking for more solutions on HyperX mic not working problem. I’ve been using HyperX cloud mic from a very long time and sometimes even I’d also faced this issue in my windows PC and if you’re searching for queries like HyperX cloud mic not working windows 10 then this method might work for you.

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Method 2: Try to Reset the Operating System

HyperX cloud 2 mic not working? Well, that might be because you must have an ancient version of operating system running in your computer and sometimes many people face the problem of HyperX cloud mic working in their windows pc just because of it. So if you are using a windows PC then install the newer version of operating systems which would solve the problem of HyperX cloud 2 microphones not working.

Before you update the windows version make sure that you have the backup of all your necessary files because while updating software you might lose all of your data so to be on the safe side while solving this issue of HyperX mic not working we would recommend having a reliable backup all files

  1. Click on my computer and then go to cpanel and Click on System and Security.HyperX cloud mic not working windows 10
  2. Then just click on windows update to successfully install the windows update.Update windows to solve HyperX cloud 2 mic not working
  3. After successfully installing or updating your windows operating system just reinstall your headset and then this should your problem of HyperX mic not working windows 10.

Final Words

So these are some essential yet essential solutions for solving your problem of HyperX cloud mic not working and if you think one of these methods have worked successfully for you then do leave us a comment. If you are still having the problem of HyperX cloud 2 mic not working then you shall contact the customer care services of Kingston because then that problem might be needed technical support and you will get that from Kingston for sure and if you get stuck anywhere between following this tutorial then please let us know in comment section below and we will help you out for sure.

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