How to Download Snapchat++ for iOS Devices

The SnapChat is one of the most popular app downloaded on the iOS platform. As there are millions of Snapchat users, it ought to be one of the most popular apps on the iOS App Store. Now, the SnapChat++ has been released, and that is getting the attention from addictive snapchat users. The SnapChat++ app for iOS has the features that are not available in the official snapchat app. That’s why the iPhone and iPad users are eager to download snapchat ++ iPad and iPhone.

Unfortunately, the Snapchat++ app is not available on the Apple App Store for download. But, the iOS users cannot install apps from third-party sources. The iOS users have to follow other methods to download and install this app on their smartphone. In this post, I will share the way to Download Snapchat without an app store. After following this method, you’ll be able to download Snapchat++ for iOS and install it on the device to use additional features.

Features of Snapchat++ on iPhone and iPad

This app comes with the multiple features. The features that are not available on the Official app but are necessary are added in this tweaked app. Here is the complete list of features, that are available in the SnapChat plus plus download.

  • Location Spoofing – Spoof your Location with Built-in Location Spoofer module.
  • Record Strength – With this app, you can increase and maintain your Record Strength.
  • Custom Sound – The  Custom Sounds are available for Notifications.
  • Launch View – Users can customize the Launch view as per their wish.

How to Download SnapChat++ for iOS, iPhone and iPad

If you are wondering how to get snapchat++ iPad and iPhone, the worry not. Follow these steps and install this app on iPad and iPhone of yours. Here are the steps to install this app without app store on iOS devices.

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Method 1: Register on BuildStore

  1. First of all, uninstall the official snapchat version from your device. If you ke snapchat++ ipa the Official Snapchat version on your device, then you cannot install the app on iPhone.
  2. Now, go to the “BuildStore” site and register for new account. After creating the new account, connect your iOS device to the BuildStore account.
  3. After connecting your iOS device with BuildStore account, open this site to download snapchat++ ipa.
  4. On the Official site, click on “Install” button. After clicking the button, the app will be installed on your device automatically.

Method 2: Method

In this method, we are using the third-party site to download the app on iPhone without jailbreak. This is the safest method to install any tweaked app on your iOS smartphone.

  1. First of all, uninstall the Snapchat app from your smartphone.snapchat++
  2. Then, Visit “” website from your smartphone. On this site, you’ve clicked on “Install Snapchat plus plus with Push” link.snapchat++ ipa
  3. Click “Install” when the confirmation pops out. Now, your device will install the app, but you’ll not be able to use it.
  4. To use SnapChat tweaked client, we need to give it Special Access. To provide it with access, Follow this path.
    Settings >> General >> Device Management>>TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO.
    snapchat++ download
  5. Tap on “TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO” and again tap on “Trust TRANSLAINGRUPP,OOO.” Confirm the Trust Access in the additional snapchat without app store
  6. Congrats! You’ll be able to see the tweaked Snapchat plus plus app in the App Drawer.
  7. Just sign in the app with your login credentials, and you are ready to use the additional features of this app.

WARNING: After installing this tweaked app in your device, do not update or install another version of the SnapChat app. If you do so, everything will be overwritten, and you’ll have to reinstall the Snapchat plus plus on your iPhone or iPad.

This is how you can download and install the advanced snapchat app on iOS without jailbreaking the device. By this simple method, you’ll be able to Download snapchat without app store. Not only the SnapChat++ download, but you can install many other apps, that are not available on the Apple App Store.

I hope you’ll follow all the steps carefully to download snapchat without app store on your device. Install this app and enjoy the advanced set of features that are still unavailable on the official app.

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